Team Plimpton – Elliott

Team Plimpton - Elliott

Gary Plimpton and Reneé Elliott

Meet cousins Gary Plimpton and Reneé Elliott – neither of whom have children – nor a job – at JPII.

Talk about Dance Contest Crashers….

Long before Gary began collecting construction vehicles or buying sports cars, and years before Reneé began number crunching for defense contractors, they were each in their small Alabama hometowns developing the skills and social graces that would prepare them for future events such as Dancing with the Falcons.

Gary was born to competition ballroom dancers who went on to open and operate Plimpton’s School of Dance for many years.  With very few young men jumping at the chance to take dance lessons and be in recitals, Gary and his two brothers were ‘volunteered’ into the world of men in tights and tuxedos; perfecting their dance skills and graciously lending their talents to many beautiful young ladies in need of a partner on the stage.  No wonder he developed such a sacrificial and giving spirit that has only grown with time.

Reneé did not live near a dance studio, but instead, grew up in the country where horseback riding, hay rides and square dances were frequent activities…..not kidding.  In addition to mastering the steps to Red River Valley, (which she promises will not be part of their routine in this event), Reneé and her seven siblings were encouraged to excel in education, though not for self-gain or glory, but to help other people.  After coming to an understanding that it did not mean she could offer private tutoring to a certain football player, she begrudgingly began what was to become many hours of beloved volunteer time helping others in church, school and secular activities.

It is in both the fun and obligatory spirits of giving that Reneé and Gary have come to JPII to dance.  

Gary and Renee thank the members of the wonderful family they are both a part of for setting the bar high in valuing and supporting academics, the arts and sports in the lives of our young people.  Though no children of their own attend JPII, the children of Renee’s employer, coworkers, dear friends and of both Gary’s and Renee’s extended family do attend JPII and they are both honored to participate in the fund raising efforts to promote their education.  They are thrilled to volunteer their time and …. well…at least talent from one side of the family….to give back.

Let’s Dance!