Blues Brothers

Blues Brothers

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On a Mission from God....

Elwood Blues (aka Dave Butler) - Although one of five children from Louisville Kentucky, Elwood Blues somehow grew up in Chicago at the St. Helen of the Blessed Shroud orphanage where he met his Blues Brothers.  The influences of Elvis Presley and Bill Haley can be seen in Jake’s dance moves.  Always a performer he had the recurring role of a camel in the orphanage’s Christmas play.  He has had many Gala adventures with his Blues Brothers and once teamed up Jake to lead a successful fundraising effort for St. John’s Catholic School.  Never one to rest on his dancing accolades he has also formed a Rocket City Curling Team with Elwood, a girl and some other guy (aka Balthazar Blues).  Elwood is happily married to Liz and has three children Emily (JPII 2013), Quinn (JPII 2020) and Lilly (JPII 2023).

Jake Blues (aka Rob Geist) - Jake Blues was born in the backstage of a Ray Charles concert.  As an infant, his crib was an unused guitar case, and he used a saxophone mouthpiece for a pacifier.  He developed his frenetic dance style as a child by shaking his tailfeather wherever he could get away with it.  Throughout his teenage years, he performed at the Triple Rock Baptist Church with his trusty Mr. Microphone, and it was during this time that he developed the life-long friendships he shares with his fellow Blues Brothers.  After leaving the orphanage and finding his inner Soul Man, he fell into a regrettable career in petty thievery.  He was convicted of distributing stolen property (unfortunately to at least one of his Blues Brothers).  After his release from prison, he was inspired to help save the orphanage.  He then realized that he, like everybody, needed somebody to love, so he Caught the Katy and returned to his Sweet Home Chicago, where he married his middle adulthood sweetheart, Jennifer, having one child (Amelia, JPII 2022).  He now lives his daily life as a mild-mannered psychologist, occasionally emerging with his Blues Brothers for special performances, where they can entertain and inspire others in the love of blues music that they have always felt, so pull up a chair.

Willie Blues (aka Max Patin) - As a child, Willie Blues learned his simply “indescribable” dance moves while growing up at the St. Helen of the Blessed Shroud orphanage.  There, he would perform for Sister Mary Stigmata as a way to entertain the other sisters and children.  He credits his primary musical and dance influences as James Brown, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker and has mad R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the phenomenal Aretha Franklin.  As a teen, you could find Willie earning spending money dancing to these artists in the food court at the Dixie Square Mall in Chicago, Illinois, where there was so much space, you could probably drive a car through it.  Sadly, without many job prospects, Willie found himself on the wrong side of the law and landed up in the Joliet Correctional Center for receiving stolen property.  After three years of 'reforming himself', he emerged from Joliet a new man, married his hometown sweetheart, Pam Bourque, and in 1991, moved to Huntsville, Alabama.  Now, many years later, they have two kids, Remy (JPII 2021) and Zoe (JPII 2023).

Donald “Duck” Blues (aka, Tom Detweiler) - Donald "Duck" Blues was born in Elk Grove Village, Illinois as the youngest of the Blues Brothers.  At the St. Helen of the Blessed Shroud orphanage, Donald was very talkative, routinely scolded for a filthy mouth and bad attitude.  After the orphanage, Donald cleaned his act up, sold his Bluesmobile to Elwood, and got hitched to wife Alicia while his brothers served time at Joliet.  They have 4 kids together Evelyn (JPII 2023), Jane, George, and Fritz (future JPII 2025, 2027, 2029).  Donald left his Holiday Inn gigs with "Murph and the Magic Tones" to rejoin his brothers, and will dance to raise the money to save the Falconage.

Balthazar Blues (aka, Matt Smith) - Back at the orphanage, Sister Mary Stigmata always said that Balthazar Blues was the least interesting and most untalented of the Blues siblings. Yet, despite few obvious redeeming qualities, Balthazar did manage to marry way out of his league and become a quasi-productive member of society.  He and his saint of a wife of 28 years, Jo Ellen, live in Madison and continue to raise their six extraordinary children; Abby (JP2 2015), Elena (JP2 2018), Gavin (JP2 2020), Wyatt (JP2 2022), Rowan (future JP2 2026), and Fox (future JP2 2026).  When not performing at Bob’s Country Bunker or decorating Galas, Balthazar likes to sit back and enjoy both kinds of music... Country and Western.