The show is Saturday, August 15.  We'll start the Live Stream about 10 minutes before the show starts so you can get things set up.  The shows starts a 7:00 PM.

Tune in to our YouTube Live Stream and enjoy the amazing show from the comfort and safety of your home.  Click Here or just go to YouTube, search for 'Dancing with the Falcons', and SUBSCRIBE to our channel.

Or better yet, get together with a few friends and have a watch party! We’ll be live casting on YouTube (instead of Facebook) since most Smart TV’s and Roku’s and the like can show YouTube on your big screen… instead of only being able to peer down at that tiny little display on your phone.

Thank you for your continued support of St. John Paul II Catholic High School.

Dancing with the Falcons

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Jackson Center

6001 Moquin Drive

Huntsville, Alabama

4:30 - 6:30 Curbside Pickup for Ticketed Guests

7:00 YouTube Live Stream

The Dancers

Rick & Bree Wilbourn

Gary Plimpton & Renee Elliott

Blues Brothers

Roberto Dextre & Elizabeth Buchholz

Brian Finzel & Margarete Smith

Dr. Jonathan & Chrissy Blakely

Christopher Dawson & Payge Semmes

Dr. Jeremiah & Ashleigh Russell

What is Dancing with the Falcons?

Dancing with the Falcons is an exciting fundraiser taking place on Saturday, March 21, 2020 at the Jackson Center in Huntsville, Alabama. At the event, NINE fabulous teams will perform a dance routine prepared by local choreographers to compete for the Mirrorball Trophy! Our dancers are already hard at work preparing for an amazing show. In order to win, they need YOUR VOTES!

How do you VOTE?

Every dollar you spend equals a vote. There are several ways to vote. For example, if you buy 2 tickets, the total amount you spent is $200. You now have 200 votes to give to the dancers of your choice.

You do not have to buy tickets or attend the event to vote. You can also vote by texting VOTE to 41444 or clicking the 'Vote for your Favorite' button below.

The team with the most votes at the end of the event will be the Grand Champion!

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